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When Selling Used Servers And Technology Assets - Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Selling used servers and technology assets is an excellent way to raise cash and free up storage space. However, many companies make mistakes that can be very costly and time consuming.

To achieve the highest payout for your technology hardware make sure that you work with an asset recovery firm that has a well established network. It is no secret that the company that buys your equipment only profits when the technology is resold. Therefore only technology buyers that have extensive business relationships can offer the highest payout for your assets, due to their many resale options.

Not all asset recovery companies have the cash reserves to purchase your assets. Verify that your technology buyer has been in business for at least 5 years and is capable of making large technology hardware acquisitions.

Improper data destruction can result in a multitude of problems. Corporate data left behind is at the very least embarrassing and at worst can lead to legal action. Make sure that the asset recovery firm that you work with has a formal data destruction and wiping methodology. Ideally you should wipe the data from all hard drives before releasing the equipment. However, the technology buyer that acquires your assets should offer this service as a part of the technology asset acquisition program.

Inevitably some portion of your asset mix will have no residual value. Monitors, computers and servers contain hazardous material. If improperly disposed these heavy metals and toxic materials can get into ground water. Make sure you work with an asset recovery firm that has adopted EPA standards for proper waste disposal.

Finally donít procrastinate selling your used servers and technology equipment. Your technology assets decrease in value very rapidly. To maximize your profits, contact an asset recovery firm sooner than later.

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Source: www.ezinearticles.com